At TGS Endodontics, we are committed to treating and using your protected health information (PHI) responsibly. The HIPAA OMNIBUS RULE of 2013 sets out how and when we use or disclose your personal information we collect and describes your rights as they relate to your PHI and our legal obligation to protect your health information. The Rule’s ultimate goal is to protect the patient’s health information. A goal TGS Endodontics agrees with and has always strived to attain and enforce. With identity theft on the rise, we are committed to take that extra measure to help stop it.

The HIPAA OMNIBUS RULE of 2013 requires us to take many additional steps to ensure your personal health information is protected by us and our business associates. When you fill out your Patient Information Sheet and Health Questionnaire and submit them electronically through this website, you are submitting these documents by a HIPAA compliant email.

In order to make you more informed as a patient, we have provided you with copies of documents which we request you review prior to your first appointment with TGS Endodontics. Some you will need to complete, submit electronically where requested, and, in addition, bring with you. Some are for your information and review.

Verification Policy
The HIPAA OMNIBUS RULE requires us to implement policies and procedures to verify the identity of any person who requests a patient’s Protected Health Information (PHI). Dependant on the circumstance, our office policy of requiring verification of identity before we use or release your Protected Health Information is our attempt to assure you that we take the security of your health information very seriously.

HIPAA OMNIBUS NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES sets out your rights as a patient with respect to your protected health information. We have prepared forms, which are available in the ‘Online Forms’ section of this website. These forms are meant to help you exercise your rights as our patient.

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